What is a Flair Bartender?

When you are considering how you can stand out as an employee to get more work and tips, you will need to consider becoming a flair bartender. Flair bartending is a hot trend nowadays, and its popularity is increasing every day, it is expected to become a fixture at many successful bars.

What is a flair bartender? It is someone who serves drinks in a way that adds a certain visual flair and sportsmanship to the process. Rather than simply mixing and stirring, bartenders treat bartending almost as a sport, flipping and catching bottles and moving their entire bodies as they mix drinks.

Flair benders make a lot of money and some establishments are hesitant to spend so much money hiring them. Flair bartending, on the other hand, will bring a lot of money to the bar which helps the bartender earn more money. Rather than getting live entertainment from singers, they can see somewhere elsewhere, customers will be drawn to the bar since the bartenders offer a form of entertainment that is likely not available anywhere else in your city. Moreover, flair bartenders makes even simple drinks seem extra special, ensuring that customers keep ordering. Flair bartenders are also very important on special occasions, such as celebration or parties, when the visual flair is likely to attract more customers and more orders for special events. Flair bartending simply brings in lots of money.

Flair bartender is also known as performance bartender, cocktail bartender, ultimate bartender, and even Olympic bartender. Whatever you wish to call it, there are two types of flair bartending. The first type is working or simple flair bartender involves small tricks or moves that can be done during work. These small moves can generally be performed after a little practice and often do not interfere with work. They are less risky and are usually performed with low-cost items, reducing the risk of major breakage or waste. Any bartender who has flipped a lime into the air before cutting it up and throwing it into the drink has exhibited this type of flair bartending. The main advantages of this type of bartending is that the bartender will often joke with the customer while flipping the items or mixing the drink. If possible, you can see if the bar where you work will let you do on the job training for flair bartending, and some bars will even offer incentives to do so.

A performance flair bartender does a more serious form of flair bartending. It is often involves flipping entire bottles and performing choreographed moves. It is far more risky and can involve breakage. It usually includes long practice hours and training. Usually, this type of bartending is used for special shows and for competition. However, some bars are now incorporating nightly floor showing with this type of bartending. It certainly draws an audience, and if they compete well, the publicity from a competition win can easily bring in lots of work and money. This type of bartending does slow down drink making, but many patrons that are dazzled by the show do not mind too much.

You should never put flair above sheer bartending skill. A personable bartender who knows how to prepare a variety of drinks is more worthwhile than the bartender who can flip bottles but has no interaction or interest in bartending.

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